Greening the urban environment

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As the urban environment grows, with new developments taking up brownfield sites and encroaching on greenbelt areas, there is an increasing challenge in ensuring towns and cities incorporate enough greenery and vegetation.

The benefits of plants within the urban environment are well understood. As well as absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen, plants are important in helping to absorb airborne particulates and significantly reduce pollution. And of course they encourage insects and birds vital to the success of gardens.

However, in the increasingly busy urban space, the challenge is to incorporate greenery in a way that does not take up too much room.


Fortunately, there are products available that not only deliver robust plant solutions, but which are also extremely space efficient, while delivering a range of other added-value benefits.

Mobilane’s Green Screen is a pre-cultivated screen which features a galvanised high carbon steel weldmesh that supports 65 ivy plants, each…

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