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The ultimate in secure sustainable security fencing will be on display at the Futurescape event, which takes place Tuesday 15th November at Sandown Park Racecourse, Surrey. Visitors to the Mobilane stand (70) will be able to see the multiple uses and applications for the company’s market leading Green Screen, which has become the sustainable fencing solution of choice for domestic, public sector and commercial applications including housing development, schools, hospitals, car parks and roadside verges.

Mobilane’s Green Screen is a pre-cultivated screen which features a galvanised high carbon steel weldmesh that supports 65 ivy plants, each of which is trained through the mesh as it grows. The steel weldmesh itself delivers a very effective security barrier, while the ivy flourishes and requires minimal maintenance – unlike a traditional hedge which requires periodic heavy pruning and is prone to collapse in high winds or snow. As well as different species of ivy, the screens can also feature Hornbeam, Beech, Ligustrum and Pyracantha. The screens come in a variety of lengths, and are 3m in height.

Crucially, Green Screens have an extremely narrow physical footprint and an expected life of 45 years, giving them a very high biodiversity footprint. They also have additional benefits over walls and wooden fences as they deter graffiti and vandalism.

“Mobilane Green Screens are our most successful proven system,” explains Paul Garlick, National Sales Manager for Mobilane. “The system has proven itself in a wide variety of scenarios and uses, from high-end domestic developments that require the highest levels of security, to large estates where space is at a premium, through to commercial applications around offices, hospitals and car parks, and even as a safety measure along busy roads.

“The benefits of plants in the urban environment is well understood and the need for more plants is a pressing one to help combat pollution. However, the challenge has always been how to introduce plants quickly and effectively. Mobilane Green Screens deliver on all fronts, as their widespread use illustrates. Whether your pressing requirement is aesthetic, sustainability, security, or the need for a rapidly installed instant solution, Green Screens deliver all benefits in one.”

For further information on Mobilane systems visit www.mobilane.co.uk. Follow us on Twitter @Mobilanekant-klaarhaag-lr


BalconyScape joins Mobilane Approved Supplier scheme

BalconyScape, the Kent based supplier of Balcony products has joined the Mobilane Approved Supplier Scheme.

A well-established family owned and run business, BalconyScape specialises in delivering an extensive and superior range of balcony and roof terrace furniture, lighting, flooring, screening and living walls. The company has been a customer of Mobilane for five years as a distributor of Green Screens, and has recently added LivePicture to its advertised range of products and services.

Covering London and the South East of England, BalconyScape have developed a reputation as the company to go to for people looking for premium quality products to enhance the look and feel of their balcony, roof terrace and garden.

As a Mobilane Approved Supplier, BalconyScape will enjoy the benefits of a dedicated Account Manager, marketing resources such as brochures, and a profile on the ‘Where to Buy’ section of the Mobilane website.

The new LivePicture living wall-hung picture system that uses plants to create a healthier and more attractive working environment is an ideal addition to the BalconyScape product portfolio and is sure to find favour with customers looking for an attractive, sustainable and easy-to-manage addition to their balcony or roof terrace.