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The ultimate in secure sustainable security fencing will be on display at the Futurescape event, which takes place Tuesday 15th November at Sandown Park Racecourse, Surrey. Visitors to the Mobilane stand (70) will be able to see the multiple uses and applications for the company’s market leading Green Screen, which has become the sustainable fencing solution of choice for domestic, public sector and commercial applications including housing development, schools, hospitals, car parks and roadside verges.

Mobilane’s Green Screen is a pre-cultivated screen which features a galvanised high carbon steel weldmesh that supports 65 ivy plants, each of which is trained through the mesh as it grows. The steel weldmesh itself delivers a very effective security barrier, while the ivy flourishes and requires minimal maintenance – unlike a traditional hedge which requires periodic heavy pruning and is prone to collapse in high winds or snow. As well as different species of ivy, the screens can also feature Hornbeam, Beech, Ligustrum and Pyracantha. The screens come in a variety of lengths, and are 3m in height.

Crucially, Green Screens have an extremely narrow physical footprint and an expected life of 45 years, giving them a very high biodiversity footprint. They also have additional benefits over walls and wooden fences as they deter graffiti and vandalism.

“Mobilane Green Screens are our most successful proven system,” explains Paul Garlick, National Sales Manager for Mobilane. “The system has proven itself in a wide variety of scenarios and uses, from high-end domestic developments that require the highest levels of security, to large estates where space is at a premium, through to commercial applications around offices, hospitals and car parks, and even as a safety measure along busy roads.

“The benefits of plants in the urban environment is well understood and the need for more plants is a pressing one to help combat pollution. However, the challenge has always been how to introduce plants quickly and effectively. Mobilane Green Screens deliver on all fronts, as their widespread use illustrates. Whether your pressing requirement is aesthetic, sustainability, security, or the need for a rapidly installed instant solution, Green Screens deliver all benefits in one.”

For further information on Mobilane systems visit www.mobilane.co.uk. Follow us on Twitter @Mobilanekant-klaarhaag-lr


GP Plantscape introduces Mobilane to its design-led offer

GP Plantscape, the family-owned commercial landscaping experts headquartered in Lanark, has added Mobilane systems to its core offer as a response to a trend towards office design that has plants as a key element.

GP Plantscape has offices across the UK including Manchester, Leicester, Newcastle, and up as far as Fyfe, giving the company a nationwide reach. The company handles contracts for blue chip clients such as banks, investment companies, and facilities management companies for whom GP Plantscape supplies and maintains interior and external landscaping across client sites nationwide.

“We are interior and exterior landscaping specialists with a focus on the commercial sector, interior plants for offices and exterior landscaping,” explains Alison Gilchrist of GP Plantscape. “We complement our core design and installation with maintenance.

“There is a clear trend within the office plant market that is moving towards more integrated office design, as well as more design within exterior landscaping. We find that Mobilane products lend themselves to this more aesthetic approach with the use of plants moving on from the days of simply a plant in a container.

“We see this as a growing area for the business as well as for our clients that are architects and designers and who are specifying plants as part of a wider design concept, instead of something introduced as an afterthought.

“We intend to increasingly build the use of Mobilane products like LivePicture and LivePanel into customer quotes and maintain the systems for them. We have used Mobilane products for both interior and exterior applications previously, and know how well suited they are to the commercial sector and design-led applications.”

Talking about the new relationship, Paul Garlick, National Business Manager at Mobilane UK said “GP Plantscape is the type of partner that is a natural fit for Mobilane. With an extensive nationwide network, and working to the highest standards, GP Plantscape understands exactly where the market is going and how it is evolving to a place where our products have a natural fit. We are sure our systems will help GP Plantscape to better attack the commercial market.”

For further information on Mobilane systems visit www.mobilane.co.uk. Follow us on Twitter @Mobilane

To visit the GP Plantse website, click this link http://www.gpplantscape.com/


Safe, secure and sustainable


Monday, 8th August 2016

Paul Garlick of Mobilane looks at the challenge of installing boundaries that satisfy safety and security requirements, as well as being eco-friendly.

In an ideal world perhaps we wouldn’t need walls and fences. People (and animals) would simply appreciate where the boundaries of a property are. But of course this isn’t an ideal world and there are many other reasons we need ways of marking the boundaries of a property, such as walls, fences and hedges.

As well as marking the perimeter of a property or estate, a boundary affords privacy and security. The degree to which it will provide these things depends on the type of boundary used and its size. The humble hedge for example provides privacy but lacks security and is easy for animals to negotiate. On the other hand the harsh wire fence delivers security, but not privacy. The wall or wooden fence can provide both, but at the expense of aesthetics and sustainability.

Sustainability is an increasingly important consideration with all aspects of building and applies equally when it comes to perimeters. Historically the only type of perimeter that can claim any sustainability credentials is the hedge. However, as well as falling short with regards to security, hedges mean an ongoing investment in maintenance to keep them neat and a healthy hedge will have a considerable physical footprint, often several feet wide for a substantial one.

Aesthetics is equally important and again the hedge easily wins over a brick wall or wooden or wire fence. A nicely maintained hedge will make a domestic property far more attractive.

There are now boundary solutions that tick all the boxes with regards to aesthetics, sustainability, security, privacy and which are easy to install and low maintenance, with a low physical footprint.

One such solution is the Mobilane Green Screen, which is a very simple concept. Essentially it is a living fence that consists of a galvanised steel grid on which climbing or hedging plants, usually ivy, have been cultivated. The metal grid is folded at the bottom to facilitate a biodegradable trough filled with potting soil. The plants are grown in this soil at a nursery and hand trailed upwards along the metal grid in order to get full thick foliage coverage.

Ivy is a particularly robust plant and presents few challenges regarding maintenance. While screens such as this are usually delivered and installed with plants already growing up them, ivy continues to grow and becomes verdant to deliver what looks like a well-managed ivy hedge, but with the additional security of the wire mesh.

Installation of screens is simple and requires the digging of a trench 400 mm wide by 400 mm deep. The screen is placed into the trench and soil is used to cover the biodegradable pot. They are additionally supported by wooden posts or powder coated metal posts, which also serve to join adjacent screens.

The screens have proved a popular solution on a range of domestic housing developments; from housing association and local authority developments, through to high end luxury developments.

When award winning developers Croudace Portland Homes embarked on a substantial and highly impressive new build project in a prime residential area of Surrey, they turned to Benchmark Landscape of Chelmsford to plan and manage the quality landscaping required to add value to the new development.

The new development would see two new five and six bedroom homes with a value of over £2.5m each, built on a plot of land that previously featured a single house. There was a necessity for a boundary between the new properties, and security was a requirement in the choice of boundary. A hedge would aesthetically suit the development and was preferable to a fence or wall, but would not deliver the required security. Benchmark Landscape specified Green Screens as the solution.

In total, 72 screens were used; 40 to create the required divisional boundary, and another 32 which were used on the front of one of the properties to screen an unsightly wall from an adjacent house. Benchmark Landscape had used screens like this previously and knew they would deliver both the required aesthetic as well as the highest levels of security.

In Ashton-Under-Lyne, a derelict site on a main access route was identified by West Pennine Housing Association for a new-build housing development for local families as part of a larger four part regeneration project. The Stockport Road site had already been awarded with a Green Apple Environmental Award as well as being shortlisted for the Building in Excellence Award.

Denovo Designs of Liverpool was the architect on the Stockport Road project and installed 30 screens at the development. Frank Olchowski, director and lead architect for the project explains why the screens were incorporated into the design:

“We specified the screens because of the planning requirement to provide an attractive, rear boundary treatment. The residents of the houses which overlook the site would not want to look onto a brick wall or timber fencing, especially if that type of boundary were to attract graffiti.”

He continues:

“Screens such as these ecologically enhance a site and provide a more attractive solution than walls or fences. We also had to comply with the Secured by Design requirement for a minimum height and secure boundary treatment.”

Social housing providers increasingly like to see green technologies used on their developments as they are invaluable in helping councils to ‘green up’ the environment and provide a more stimulating and pleasant environment. Solutions used on projects such as these also provide a deterrent to graffiti and other antisocial behaviour, and offer reduced maintenance costs when compared to other boundary markers such as timber fencing.

Source: Safe, secure and sustainable


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Provender Nurseries, the Kent based wholesale plants and horticultural supplier serving London and the South-East, has become the latest specialist trade partner for Mobilane, and has started stocking the Mobilane Green Screen sustainable fencing system and MobiRoof green roof system.

From its 17 acre site in Swanley, Provender Nurseries supplies to the horticultural trade, landscaping and amenity sectors, including garden designers, landscape architects, landscape contractors, golf courses, schools, local authorities, professional gardeners and allotment societies. 

Speaking about the Mobilane Green Screen and MobiRoof systems, Richard McKenna, Managing Director of Provender Nurseries said “We think these are great products that our landscaping customers are going to need. We offer a huge range of products, and we want to continue extending our offering with new, exciting products like these. 

“While most of our customers are domestic landscapers, a lot of their projects at the moment are commercial, and both Mobilane Green Screens and MobiRoof have obvious applications here. However, they also have good domestic applications. Mobilane Green Screens are very good for security, have a good long life, and are easy to plant. The system ticks a lot of boxes, while MobiRoof is very sleek and people will like the look this product can deliver.” 

MobiRoof is a clip together sedum cassettes system that can be easily laid onto the surface of a roof. The cassettes are suitable for roofs of garden houses, garages and carports. The cassettes are cultivated with 4 – 6 different kinds of sedum and are easy to install by simply clipping together. Architectural adjustments are not necessary.

Mobilane’s Green Screen living security fence system is being widely used by local authorities, businesses and housing developers as a rapid install solution, but is also increasingly finding a use in the domestic environment for use on patios and balconies.

Speaking about the new partnership, Paul Garlick, National Business Manager of Mobilane UK said “We are delighted to be working with Provender Nurseries, which as one of the region’s leading trade suppliers has knowledge, passion and reach to help drive the success of our systems in London and the South East. We are sure that Provender Nurseries and its customers will enjoy great benefits from the products.”

For more information about Mobilane and its systems visit www.mobilane.co.uk. Follow Mobilane on Twitter @Mobilane

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Mobilane Secures Distribution Partnership with Boningale Nurseries

Boningale Nurseries, one of the UK’s largest nurseries and environmental horticultural specialists, has further strengthened its product range by signing an agreement with Mobilane to supply its range of Instant green systems.

Mobilane is renowned for supplying high quality, living walls and Green Screens and has also recently introduced the LivePicture system to its innovative product range, which is ideal for both large and small scale commercial and domestic environments and applications.

Paul Garlick, National Business Manager of Mobilane said “We are delighted to be working with Boningale Nurseries, whose team’s vast horticultural knowledge and environmental experience complements our customer’s needs, particularly when they are enquiring about installing our Green Screen products. We are experiencing a rapid growth in demand for our products and working with Boningale will really help us capitalise on this and reach customers nationally.”

Frank Sandford, Sales and Marketing Director at Boningale who are based in Albrighton, Shropshire, said: “We are really pleased to be working with Mobilane.  Green Screen complements and adds an exciting new dimension to our environmental product offer; this will benefit all our businesses that work with both commercial and domestic customers nationally.”

“In particular we see Green Screen, which is available in different sizes and plant varieties, being the ideal solution for gardens, schools, colleges and hospitals for example, that want to create an instant, secure boundary that is both attractive and sustainable,” added Frank.

For more information about Mobilane and its systems visit www.mobilane.co.uk. Follow Mobilane on Twitter @Mobilane

Twitter: @Boningale_ltd

Contact Boningale Nurseries on www.boningale.co.uk


Hedges Direct joins Mobilane Approved Supplier scheme

Hedges Direct, the nationwide specialist in hedging plants, has joined the Mobilane Approved Supplier Scheme.

The company stocks bare roots, cell grown plants, pot grown shrubs and root ball hedge plants to satisfy the demand for deciduous or evergreen hedging, cheap garden hedging, top of the range instant hedging, fine topiary, trees or lawn turf. Hedges Direct have added Mobilane Green Screens, the LivePanel living wall system, NoiStop noise reducing acoustic fencing, and the MobiRoof green roofing system to its extensive product catalogue.

Hedges Direct has been selling quality hedging for almost 10 years and sells over one million plants a year. The company has vast experience in supplying very large quantities of hedging to landscapers, garden designers, builders, hotels, pub chains and other trade/wholesale buyers, and is equally happy to supply beautiful plants to the individual gardener. Hedges Direct is open seven days a week and customers can order online or by phone.

For three years running Hedges Direct has supplied quality hedging to ITV’s Love Your Garden, hosted by Alan Titchmarsh.

As a Mobilane Approved Supplier, Hedges Direct will enjoy the benefits of a dedicated Account Manager, marketing resources such as brochures, and a profile on the ‘Where to Buy’ section of the Mobilane website

Cambridge Plant Interiors joins Mobilane Approved Supplier scheme

Cambridge Plant Interiors is a company that is passionate about plants and design in the workplace, and as such are typical of the companies joining our Approved Supplier Scheme.

Offering the very best in contemporary plant display, designed with style and flair, Cambridge Plant Interiors has been providing unrivalled consultation, design and specification service, as well as value to businesses in and around Cambridge since 1981. The company has developed a superior reputation for delivery of corporate contracts, special events, and festive decorations, and clients include BMW, Voice Commerce Group, and the Trinity College Cambridge May Ball.

Cambridge Plant Interiors is committed to sustainability and recycles and composts all green waste, while also harvesting and storing rainwater at its headquarters in a converted Victorian farm, and recycling all packaging and materials.

Cambridge Plant Interiors is another company that has added the LivePicture system to its product portfolio. The living picture system is easy to install and requires minimum maintenance. Customers of the company are sure to appreciate the aesthetic and environmental benefits of the system.

As a Mobilane Approved Supplier, Cambridge Plant Interiors will enjoy the benefits of a dedicated Account Manager, marketing resources such as brochures, and a profile on the ‘Where to Buy’ section of the Mobilane website.

Living elements must be part of sustainable affordable housing programme

As the General Election approaches and political parties make their statements about how they intend to address the affordable housing crisis in the UK, living systems developer and supplier Mobilane is calling for living plant elements to be a key consideration in planning and design.

“The affordable housing debate will always focus on costing a nationwide programme of housebuilding,” explains Paul Garlick, National Sales Manager for Mobilane UK. “But for any programme to be truly sustainable and effective it must also consider quality of life for occupants and the best ways of getting value for money.

“It is widely accepted that issues such as energy efficiency are key to ensuring housing projects deliver true ongoing affordability for occupants and there has been excellent work done on ensuring modern affordable house designs incorporate the highest levels of energy efficiency. However, green space will be at a premium on affordable housing developments and this will have a negative impact on both quality of life and health. So the challenge is to find ways to incorporate living plant elements into house designs that do not demand too much space and which are both cheap and easy for occupants to maintain.

“The National Health Service is under a lot of pressure and there is increased focus on how lifestyles are having an impact on the nation’s health and both GP and hospital waiting times. Ensuring affordable housing does not contribute to ill health is vital if any national investment in affordable housing is to deliver true value. That’s why we are calling on all Prospective Parliamentary Candidates to push for increased focus on incorporating plants into house designs and to remember that energy efficiency is not the be-all and end-all of affordable housing.”

Mobilane has developed a range of living plant systems that are already incorporated into many affordable and social housing programmes, including the Green Screen fencing system that replaces traditional wooden fencing with a low maintenance robust ivy-covered wire mesh system that takes up very little space and is easy and quick to install. The company has recently introduced a new LivePicture system that features plants in a picture frame. As well as use in office spaces, Mobilane believes LivePicture to be an ideal solution for incorporating living plants into affordable home developments.

For more information on our Green Screens, LivePicture, LiveDivider, LivePanel and the other Mobilane systems visit our website http://www.mobilane.co.uk

Mobilane launches irrigation free living wall

Mobilane, the leading supplier of living wall systems and green screens has launched an irrigation-free living wall which is an upgraded version of its popular Live Panel that requires minimal maintenance.

Live Panel 2 is suitable to cover large external walls or interior spaces and is based on exactly the same principle as Live Picture – a product it launched in 2013, which is a framed arrangement of plants designed for small indoor spaces. The Live Panel 2 system uses a tank watering system which is refilled usually no more than once per week, depending on the size of the wall. It is much quicker to install and costs less to maintain making Live Panel 2 being one of the most cost effective living walls on the market.

“Interest in our irrigation free wall has already begun” said Sean Farrell Director of Mobilane “The fact that we have a track record in the industry of providing living walls that are reliable and don’t suffer heavy plant losses means we are well placed to bring new innovative products to the market. This irrigation-free living wall is almost fool proof; all you have to do is to automatically top up the tanks and the wall will really maintain itself.

Farrell continues “With living walls now widely recognised as providing key solutions to air quality problems we anticipate interest in this new product to be equally high. As well as providing cleaner air and health benefits, living walls also create an immediate, and ongoing, talking point.”

Mobilane will showcase its Live Panel 2 product on stand S1312 at Ecobuild 2014 which takes place on 2nd to 4th March 2014.




Green gong for Mobilane

We are really excited to announce that a social housing project featuring a Mobilane green screen has been endorsed by the Green Organisation, a UK based group dedicated to recognising environmental best practice around the world.The Houghton Street project in Widnes, Cheshire for Halton Housing Group scooped a Silver Green Apple Environment Award for its strong green credentials.

Designed by architectural practice Denovo Design, the aim of the residential development was to create green homes with a contemporary edge. In order to foster a sense of community and to ensure that people could keep an eye on one another’s properties, the various homes were designed so they were inward-looking. This resulted in the rear gardens of two bungalows facing on to a main road. Rather than erect a timber fence or brick wall, which could fall foul of vandalism or graffiti, Denovo Design opted for a Mobilane ‘living’ screen.

Installed by Lovell and measuring 180cm in height and 51m in length, the screen provides a striking first impression to people visiting the new build development. It also sets the tone for a host of environmentally friendly features that have been incorporated into the affordable housing development and helped contribute towards valuable points in the project’s Code for Sustainable Homes Assessment.

As well as it deterring potential graffiti artists, the architects chose the green screen because it provides a natural habitat for wild birds and insects, and is low-maintenance. Another feature of the green screen is that it absorbs harmful microscopic particles that are generated by motor vehicles.

The Green Apple Award was presented to Denovo Design by Doreen Lawrence at a ceremony held at the National Self Build and Renovation Centre in Swindonon 24 July.