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Hedges Direct joins Mobilane Approved Supplier scheme

Hedges Direct, the nationwide specialist in hedging plants, has joined the Mobilane Approved Supplier Scheme.

The company stocks bare roots, cell grown plants, pot grown shrubs and root ball hedge plants to satisfy the demand for deciduous or evergreen hedging, cheap garden hedging, top of the range instant hedging, fine topiary, trees or lawn turf. Hedges Direct have added Mobilane Green Screens, the LivePanel living wall system, NoiStop noise reducing acoustic fencing, and the MobiRoof green roofing system to its extensive product catalogue.

Hedges Direct has been selling quality hedging for almost 10 years and sells over one million plants a year. The company has vast experience in supplying very large quantities of hedging to landscapers, garden designers, builders, hotels, pub chains and other trade/wholesale buyers, and is equally happy to supply beautiful plants to the individual gardener. Hedges Direct is open seven days a week and customers can order online or by phone.

For three years running Hedges Direct has supplied quality hedging to ITV’s Love Your Garden, hosted by Alan Titchmarsh.

As a Mobilane Approved Supplier, Hedges Direct will enjoy the benefits of a dedicated Account Manager, marketing resources such as brochures, and a profile on the ‘Where to Buy’ section of the Mobilane website

Our Green Screens help Marlow become a safer place for drivers

We have helped to increase road safety and support the environment in Marlow as we have installed our Green Screens. Our six-foot high Green Screens can now be seen on the central reserve area of the A4155 Marlow Road, on the east side of the roundabout at the junction with the A404.  They have already proved effective in the aims of reducing both driver distraction and roundabout approach speed.

This project comes about after the local authority in Marlow following a review of the analysis of reported injury collisions in the last three years took the initiative to act to improve safety at the junction.  It was found that these were mainly as a result of excessive approach speeds towards the roundabout.  The installation of our Green Screens have restricted the visibility on the approach to the roundabout which has instantly provided the desired effect and created an aesthetically pleasing barrier which is sustainable and environmentally sound.

The addition of the screens serves to restrict drivers’ views of traffic to their right as they approach the roundabout, encouraging them to reduce their speed. Initial results from speed flow data show an average total reduction of around 4mph in approach speeds and also a significant reduction in the number of vehicles approaching the roundabout at higher speeds.

Green screens are a simple yet remarkably effective concept, featuring a biodegradable pot which holds a wire mesh ‘fence’ onto which vegetation, usually ivy, is grown. Our screens are cultivated offsite and are delivered ready to install. As soon as they are installed they provide an attractive barrier solution with aesthetic, environmental and maintenance benefits over traditional walls and fences.  They also provide an acoustic barrier which reduces the traffic noise in the surrounding environment.  Unlike hedges the vegetation in the screens does not grow significantly above the height of the wire fence, so they do not require regular pruning, and they are much narrower yet more dimensionally stable than hedges.

Green Screens have a wide range of uses, including encouraging biodiversity, improving air quality and tackling graffiti.  Local authorities are increasingly adopting innovative uses of the screens as they continue to see their versatility, sustainability and low maintenance costs. We are pleased to see Marlow leading the way and the results from this installation.