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Mobilane, the leading supplier of living systems for exterior and interior use, has partnered with the University of Greenwich Green Roofs & Living Walls Centre on a year-long research project that explores and measures the health and wellbeing effects of interior living walls and other similar systems in a classroom environment.

Mobilane LiveDivider and LivePicture systems, which use the same cassette technology as the LivePanel living wall system, have been installed in Windrush Primary School and Royal Greenwich University Technical College, both of which are within the Royal Borough of Greenwich. The big idea behind the installations is to monitor and assess the effects of the living walls on students.

As Dr Benz Kotzen and Shelley Mosco of the Department of Architecture and Landscape, University of Greenwich explain “Children and students are especially sensitive to indoor air quality problems that may be alleviated through the use of plants, and because their performance and behaviour during study is so closely monitored and recorded, school and college classrooms provide an ideal testing ground.

“The research will build on previous studies which have shown that plants provide an effective method of regulating environmental conditions within buildings by improving air quality through the removal of impurities or through the increase of humidity, temperature control and abatement of noise. Indoor plants have also been shown to result in an increase in performance and creativity of employees and students, and to reduce levels of aggression and stress. A scientific investigation of this type of installation has the potential added value of incorporating the research process and results into the educational curriculum in science, biology, chemistry and maths. The students and staff will be tasked with maintaining the systems and daily collection of temperature, humidity and other data.”

The Mobilane LiveDividers and LivePictures have been installed in a library and one classroom, and the grades and behaviour of the students using those classrooms will be monitored over the course of the summer term in order to see whether there is a significant improvement compared with the period before the wall was installed. It is intended that the walls will be reintroduced in the new school year to collect more data.

The living systems have been installed by Darren Stobbart of The Plantman, who described the initial response by staff as extremely positive. “The staff at both the school and college were clearly delighted with the systems and keen to help with the research programme. The children at Windrush Primary School will certainly benefit from a better understanding of plants and their role in air purification, so there are additional benefits beyond the research outcomes.”

Click here to visit the Mobilane website http://mobilane.co.uk/

Click here to visit The Plantman’s website http://www.theplantman.co/

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InLeaf installs LivePanel and LivePictures at showroom

InLeaf, the Manchester-based commercial plants specialist has added a LivePanel system and three LivePictures to its showroom to allow the company to better demonstrate their benefits to clients as well as to other installers interested in becoming InLeaf franchisees.

Founded by husband and wife Daniel and Charlotte Atherton, a qualified Landscape Architect, Inleaf are keen supporters of Mobilane systems. The company will shortly embark on a major Mobilane installation with a pharmaceutical company in Chester that already has a living wall at its office in Uxbridge. The renovation of the client’s office in Chester includes the installation of a 22m square LivePanel living wall for which InLeaf is doing all the design, installation and maintenance.

“Having the LivePanel and LivePicture at the showroom is useful for demonstrating the systems to clients,” explains Daniel Atherton. “However, InLeaf is a franchise operation and we are looking for franchisees. All our franchise events are held at our showrooms, so the LivePanels and LivePictures are useful for educating potential franchisees about the products they can offer that are different.”

Daniel and Charlotte set the company up with the aim of becoming a franchise, which is why they have a showroom to allow themto train people. With a long-term goal to have franchisees nationwide, InLeaf will recruit, train and support franchisees, as well as taking the lead on new products such as Mobilane systems.

“We only launched in February,” continues Daniel, “So it’s still early days. However, they are getting our first franchisees lined up. The industry is very competitive, which is why we think the franchise idea can help other companies compete. There is a growing market for living walls and there has been a sea change in the last few years. The sense we are getting is there’s a lot more awareness, which is largely client-led. For example, the Chester installation was part of the client brief. We are seeing this more and more.

“In terms of general plants in the commercial space, we are finding a wide range of companies coming to us for solutions, with clients understanding the wide range of benefits of plants in the work place. However, there is still a job to be done in educating smaller businesses, which is where our demonstration systems at the showroom come in.”


Visit https://inleaf.co.uk/ to know more


Mobilane will have its LivePicture XL on display at this year’s RHS Flower Show Tatton Park as part of the ‘R Space’ garden designed by Pip Probert.

“We are particularly pleased that our LivePicture will feature in the ‘R Space’ garden,” said Paul Garlick, National Business Manager at Mobilane UK. “It’s the perfect setting for LivePicture and we think our system will complement the garden.”

Designed for a large family, the ‘R Space’ garden is sponsored by Hulton Landscapes Ltd and Gareth Wilson Garden Design Services Ltd, is both attractive and practical, with a homely feel and provides a place to sit, dine and entertain. Low walls hug a patio area and the boundary is deliberately kept low so as not to block surrounding views.

The LivePicture XL system featured in the garden is a living wall-hung picture system that uses plants to create a healthier and more attractive environment. Due to its innovative design LivePicture requires no power and consequently can be installed virtually anywhere. The benefits of using LivePicture include cleaner air, improved humidity, reduced noise pollution, lower stress levels and increased productivity levels in the workplace. The LivePicture plant cassettes can be changed in moments and need watering only every four weeks.

LivePicture comes in four sizes: The Small LivePicture measures 725mm x 725mm x 105mm, while the Large LivePicture measures 1125mm x 725mm x 105mm. The XL LivePicture measures 1160mm x 1120mm x 70mm, and the XXL LivePicture measures 2160mm x 1520mm x 70mm. The frame comes in three colours; white, silver grey, and charcoal/anthracite.

For further information on Mobilane systems visit www.mobilane.co.uk. Follow us on Twitter @Mobilane

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BalconyScape joins Mobilane Approved Supplier scheme

BalconyScape, the Kent based supplier of Balcony products has joined the Mobilane Approved Supplier Scheme.

A well-established family owned and run business, BalconyScape specialises in delivering an extensive and superior range of balcony and roof terrace furniture, lighting, flooring, screening and living walls. The company has been a customer of Mobilane for five years as a distributor of Green Screens, and has recently added LivePicture to its advertised range of products and services.

Covering London and the South East of England, BalconyScape have developed a reputation as the company to go to for people looking for premium quality products to enhance the look and feel of their balcony, roof terrace and garden.

As a Mobilane Approved Supplier, BalconyScape will enjoy the benefits of a dedicated Account Manager, marketing resources such as brochures, and a profile on the ‘Where to Buy’ section of the Mobilane website.

The new LivePicture living wall-hung picture system that uses plants to create a healthier and more attractive working environment is an ideal addition to the BalconyScape product portfolio and is sure to find favour with customers looking for an attractive, sustainable and easy-to-manage addition to their balcony or roof terrace.

Mobilane to unveil two new live products at EcoBuild

Live Divider
Live Divider


Mobilane, the market leading developer and supplier of sustainable living systems for interior and exterior use, will be exhibiting two exciting new additions to its product portfolio at the Ecobuild 2015 sustainable design and construction marketplace event at ExCel London.

As well as its well-established LivePanel vertical green wall system, Mobilane will be introducing Ecobuild visitors to its new LiveDivider room dividing system, as well as new sizes in the LivePicture range of living picture systems.

LiveDivider is an interior room divider which is planted on both sides, offering not only privacy, but a range of health and wellbeing benefits. Consisting of a metal frame on either a fixed or mobile base, LiveDivider features six exchangeable plant cassettes on either side to deliver an attractive and useful room divider that also reduces ambient noise, as well as reducing levels of carbon monoxide and pollutant particles. The choice of plants used is at the discretion of the user. LiveDivider requires no power, and only needs watering every four weeks.

Also for interior use, LivePicture is a living picture system that uses plants to create a healthier and more attractive working environment. The health advantages of plants in the workplace are well understood, however, they can take up valuable space. Mobilane has developed LivePicture to deliver these benefits without the loss of floor space. LivePicture also requires no power and the plant cassettes can be changed in moments and need watering only every 6 weeks.

“There is a definite move toward increased use of plants in the workplace,” explains Paul Garlick, National Sales Manager for Mobilane. “The health benefits are well known, but as companies look to deliver healthier and more pleasant working environments through the introduction of plants, they have to balance this against the physical practicality of having plants in the busy office environment.

“Mobilane is a company that strives to innovate and deliver systems that are both easy to integrate and to manage. Our interior planting systems have been developed to be both functional and hassle-free, and they are certainly eye-catching.

“As well as our new LiveDivider and LivePicture systems we will also have our LivePanel living wall system on display. This system has set the standard for exterior reliable living wall systems. We look forward to meeting new faces at Ecobuild and the chance to introduce our product portfolio to visitors who are looking for superior interior and exterior living systems.”

Mobilane UK Ltd will be on stand no S3096 at the Ecobuild 2015 event, which takes place 3-5 March at ExCel London.

Mobilane launches a ‘picture’ worth a thousand breaths


We are breathing fresh air indoors and out with the launch of our latest innovation, LivePicture – a framed arrangement of plants that can be hung on either interior or exterior walls. The living ‘picture’ creates a striking, space-saving focal point, as well as offering a natural way to improve air quality. We have created it to meet the increasing demand for inventive ways to use plants, which have long been valued for the health benefits and sense of wellbeing they bring but which, in traditionally planted schemes, can take up valuable space

Each of our LivePictures feature a specially developed nutritionally balanced mineral substrate able to support a wide variety of plant types, depending on available lighting and level of maintenance needed. Measuring 112cm wide (plus 0.5cm for the frame), by 72cm (plus 0.5cm for the frame), the frame is 10cm deep and incorporates a built-in reservoir. The picture, which weighs around 30kg, is attached to the wall with three bolts; it requires no power, no water supply or drainage system, and only needs watering once a month.

For a compact product, the health benefits of our LivePicture are broad. Inadequate air conditioning, ventilation, emissions from computers, printers and paint all contribute towards indoor levels of carbon dioxide and particulate pollutants, while outdoor levels of pollution can be exceptionally high in urban areas.  To counteract this, plants can provide a pleasant humidity; remove carbon dioxide and particulate pollutants. In addition, research has shown that plants can reduce stress, improve mood and, in the case of indoor planting,  increase productivity in the workplace.

For more information about our products, please visit www.mobilane.co.uk